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22 NOV 2004,19h

Great Synagogue

Dohany utca












richard edlinger



Richard Edlinger was 7 when he discovered for the first time within the books of the school library  the book with documentary materials about Holocaust. The shocking photos and scenes from Dachau Richard will never forget.

Later on, in 1979, as a student of music, he took part as a singer in the Choire in Schoenberg's Warshau Survivor with Maximilian Schell as Survivor.After these concerts, he made decision to compose a music consecrated to the Holocaust theme, although, at that time he could sense that this idea  would mature along with his musical and human experience.

Now, 25 years later Richard Edlinger created The Train based on his musical visions of the last intimate moments of a Jewish family in the deportation train, before the final separation.

To complete artistic expression, Richard asked Hungarian author Viktoria Mueller to write the lyrics for the Symphony, based on his idea.

Now, when the work is done, an old promise is fulfilled and musical literature is richer for an extraordinary, first ever Holocaust Symphony, which will surely find it's decent place on the world's musical scene.