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synagogue interior 22 NOV 2004,19h

Great Synagogue

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richard edlinger




The United Philharmonic Vienna is an international orchestra based in Vienna. Its members, all professional musicians, come from 30 nations of different continents. It was on the 25th September 1994, under its chief conductor Richard Edlinger, that the United Philharmonic presented itself for the first time to the public. Both the audience and the press were highly impressed by its performance.

To interpret art on top level is one ambition of the United Philharmonic Vienna in order to offer its audience enjoyment of music an high professional performance. At the same time, the Orchestra organizes its concerts for the sake of promoting tolerance and peace between the peoples. Therefore, the programs always take into account topics which reflect the current demands of the international community and go beyond mere artistic ambitions.

The success of the Orchestra manifests itself in its fruitful cooperation with guest conductors and solo musicians (P. Domingo, A. Kirchschlager; I. Raimondi, T. Miteva etc.). One of the main events was the open air concert with the Spanish tenor Placido Domingo in the capital of Tyrol, Innsbruck, in August 1995. A year later another concert followed at the city hall of Vienna. A special series of concerts at the renowned Vienna Concert House gave the United Philharmonic Vienna the opportunity to present its wide spectrum of programs, ranging form the Vienna classic to 20th century classical music. The Orchestra in fact pays special attention to living composers. During the festival "wien modem 95" the first performance of Francis Burt's oratorium "Und Gott der Herr sprach" took place.

Numerous invitations abroad confirm the popularity of this new member among the great Philharmonic orchestras.

United Philharmonic of Vienna